Lake Dallas ISD has perfect response to parent asking for 'teacher pay' during virtual learning

As North Texas schools continue to offer a virtual learning option during the COVID-19 pandemic, at least one parent thinks he should be paid for the work he’s doing with his child.

But Lake Dallas Independent School District, which will start school on August 26 and begin the school year with a hybrid virtual start through September 7, had a response ready for one parent who asked for “teacher pay” during the virtual learning.

The district will offer in-person accommodations for families who don’t have internet service or childcare, as well as students with special needs.

“Where can I submit my invoice to get my teacher pay since I am now teaching at home?” Facebook user Ryan Brown asked in the comment section of one of Lake Dallas ISD’s post.

The school district responded with an opportunity for Brown to get his “teacher pay” and “to see all the challenges teachers face during the pandemic.”

“Hi Ryan, we don't pay parents/guardians for virtual learning (teachers will still be providing lessons to those learning at home), but if you're interested in being paid for educating and would like to see all the challenges teachers face during the pandemic, please consider being a sub for us. The pandemic has made it very challenging to attract subs, because most people don't want to face the challenges teachers currently face,” the district responded.

That response has gotten more than 1,300 likes, as people applauded the support for the hard work done by teachers during this trying time.

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