Kraft selling pink 'candy' mac and cheese for Valentine's Day

Kraft Mac & Cheese is looking to spice up its signature dish for Valentine’s Day.

The company is launching a limited-edition macaroni and cheese dish that will include a "candy flavor packet" that turns its noodles pink and adds a sweet flavor, Kraft revealed in a news release.

Kraft's Pink mac and cheese.

To celebrate the romantic holiday, The Kraft Heinz Company is giving away 1,000 packages of Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese, a giveaway reportedly valued at $2,500.

Fans who are least 18-years-old and live in the U.S. can enter for a chance to win a Valentine’s Day package online, free of charge. But hurry – the deadline to enter is Feb. 8. Winners will receive their packages by Feb. 14, just in time for V-Day according to Kraft Heinz.

Kraft Pink mac and cheese. (Credit: The Kraft Heinz Foods Company)

Last year, food brand launched a "Kraft is for Lovers" campaign ahead of Valentine’s Day, which urged parents to buy its "big bowl" for their kids so they can spend the night together uninterrupted.

Kraft isn’t the only company trying to keep romance alive during the coronavirus pandemic, however. The Hershey Company unveiled its lineup of Valentine’s Day sweets back in December, while burger chain White Castle will transform its traditional dining plans into a national drive-in event.

While it remains to be determined just how much consumers will shell out for Valentine’s Day this year, but shoppers spent about $27.4 billion on gifts for partners, friends, pets and more last year, according to data from the National Retail Federation.