Kids left hungry after outreach center gets burglarized

Burglars trashed and stole from a south Dallas non-profit, recently forcing the organization to close and turn away up to 50 hungry kids.

Sometime Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, they broke through the front window at Kathy's Sunshine Outreach Center and stole a computer, copy machine and even the American flag.

The loss and damages total up to $4,000.

“Finding out that someone had came and broken our windows and trashed the place, I was trying to understand who could have done that,” said the center’s owner, Kathy Williams.

The center was also forced to turn away hungry kids who go there every day for a free lunch.

The owner says neighbors are helping with tools and plywood to help re-open the center.

Since funds are limited, they hope donations will help them fix the front window and get a better alarm system.

The center, which also helps with homework and is a safe place for anyone in the community to come and hang out, is barely getting by as it is.

To make a donation, Williams can be reached at 214-527-7440.