Kentucky sheriff suspends law enforcement over lack of funding: ‘Lock your doors, load your guns'

Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

A Kentucky sheriff has advice for residents after he announced the suspension of all law enforcement activities: Lock your homes; load your guns and get a dog.

Martin County Sheriff John Kirk took the stage without invitation at a fiscal court meeting on Feb. 4, saying his office was still owed a January payment of $75,000, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported. He also said new obligations given to his office will add $99,000 to his annual expenditures.

The sheriff said he has laid off the bookkeeper and limited office hours to 20 hours a week.

Kirk wrote on his personal Facebook page that the sheriff’s office is broke. He said his wife has helped out at the sheriff’s office some nights after working her full-time job. He also advised some residents to lock up their homes and get a dog.

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