Jurors see more video in The Colony clerk's murder trial

Denton County prosecutors hope an accused killer’s walk will convince a jury that he is guilty.

Deon Kingston is charged with the murder of a convenience store clerk in The Colony last year. Samira Siwakoti was shot and killed at the store she owned during an armed robbery.

On Monday, prosecutors showed video of Kingston while in custody at the Frisco Police Department. Jurors have already seen surveillance video of the shooting.

“Do you recall the walk of the killer was somewhat distinctive?” the attorney asked.

“Yes it was,” replied Det. Chris Vaughn with The Colony Police Department.

“Could you tell us about that?” the attorney asked.

“He walked with his toes pointed out at separate angles,” Vaughn said.

“And the person in this video, Leon Kingston in the Frisco Police Department interview room, when he is standing and as he is walking does he appear to have a similar type of walk as that of the killer?” the attorney asked.

“Yes sir,” the detective replied.

Earlier in the trial detectives and crime scene experts testified about physical evidence from the scene and comparisons to DNA collected from the defendant. Some of it was inconclusive. At times, the defense attorney aggressively questioned a detective about evidence suggested was never processed.

If convicted, Kingston could get life in prison.

Siwakoti was the mother of two small children. Her daughters were 18 months and 3 years old when she died. Her husband is expected to testify Tuesday.