Judge bans 2 elephants from Dallas circus

A judge has stepped in to say two elephants are not fit to interact with people at a popular circus holding performances in Dallas.

Those elephants, Bo and Betty, are the ones in question at the Universoul Circus due to a possible tuberculosis scare.

The Dallas County Health Department got involved and then the city.

The elephants are not performing now, but the circus says the city's got it all wrong and wants Bo and Betty back in the spotlight.

According to the petition filed by the circus to get the elephants performing again, the city made the decision after the county health department said it had information that the elephants had tested “reactive” to tuberculosis.

The circus says more extensive follow-up tests show the elephants are not infected with tuberculosis and the previous results were false positives.

Still, a judge ordered Bo and Betty to bid farewell to audiences for now; something some patrons appreciate.

“I'm glad they pulled them, even if it was a false positive or not,” said circus-goer Sheena Johnson. “It's just good to know that they are concerned about everybody coming out to enjoy this.”

Cindy and Janice are now the remaining elephants. The city says it conducted a site check and did confirm Betty and Bo are not present at the circus.