JPS Hospital begins refurbishment work on elevators following January accident

Fort Worth's John Peter Smith Hospital is working to refurbish five elevators following January's elevator accident at the hospital that crushed a nurse.

The elevator involved in the accident that injured Carren Stratford is set to be worked on next week. JPS hopes to have all of the refurbished elevators up and running by the end of the year.

A statement JPS released Wednesday says in part, its “a huge undertaking, made possible by our partner, Southwest Elevator. All modernization falls under its supervision and the company is moving forward ahead of schedule.”

The hospital estimated the process will take 12- 16 weeks or more, depending on labor and parts required.

“We have processes already in place that have helped us keep the hospital operations running smoothly and safely,” hospital officials said. “Southwest Elevator has been conscientious in its assessment, repair and maintenance of JPS elevators.”

On January 20, Straford was trying to get into elevator 29. The car continued to rise as she stepped onto it and she lost her balance and was partially crushed during the incident. 

The hospital severed ties with its former elevator contractor Thysenkrupp after a barrage of back and forth claims over which entity was responsible for the accident.

JPS says elevators set for refurbishment include elevator 29 along with elevators 30 and 31, which are in the hospital's main parking garage.

Stratford's attorney maintains his office will soon file a lawsuit against Thysenkrupp and potentially others. Court filings reveal the attorneys have requested and scheduled depositions.

The legal team for Stratford said it had no response about the hospital’s announcement about elevator refurbishment.