Ivanka Trump visits Mesquite Walmart as part of workforce development initiative

First daughter and presidential assistant Ivanka Trump visited a Mesquite Walmart on Friday as part of her workforce development initiative.

The North Texas location was chosen because it contains one of six divisional training academies for the company.

Trump visited Walmart because of the company's commitment to train one million employees in five years with the skills they need to advance both within the company or elsewhere.

“Tell me this isn't going to be the Thanksgiving rush scenario,” Trump joked. “I may panic and just run out of the store with the googles still on.

The employee responded that even if the training was about Thanksgiving, they’d give her the proper training so she could handle it.

In addition to training academies, Walmart is also now offing full and part time employees college tuition at three universities for one dollar a day.

She spent two hours listening and talking to Walmart employees, but answered no media questions.