Irving Firehouse Subs worker stops knife-wielding disgruntled employee

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A North Texas Firehouse Subs worker was honored Tuesday for stopping a disgruntled employee who was armed with a knife.

Irving police said Nicole Njoroge was arrested on May 17 after she showed up at the restaurant on Beltline Road in Irving to confront her former manager, Keith Braxton.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Njoroge was upset about a paycheck dispute. She came in on her day off because she claimed it was $200 short.

"I thought the situation was going to resolve itself, and we go on with typical business,” Braxton said.

Police say Njoroge began screaming, throwing chairs, grabbed a kitchen knife behind the counter and threatened to kill several employees, including the manager.

David Haynes tackled her with a bear hug and was able to wrestle the knife out of her hand. He held her outside until police arrived.

The Irving Police Department praised Haynes for stopping the potentially deadly attack.

“Mr. Haynes’ quick, involuntary intervention saved the manager from imminent serious bodily injury or death. This heroic deed and exceptional meritorious conduct involved exemplary courage, risk and danger to his own personal safety. And for that he’s being awarded a certificate of appreciation,” a spokesman for the police department said.

Haynes is proud of the honor while downplaying the act.

"That's what I felt I had to do,” he said. “He had his back turned, and she was running him down like FloJo."

Njoroge is charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

"This definitely could've caused serious bodily injury or death to David or Keith or the other woman that was in there with them as she was chasing after them,” police said.

Haynes suffered a small minor cut on his wrist from the knife-wielding. He stayed and worked his normal shift after the incident.