Husband ‘leaning on faith' in wake of Midlothian fitness instructor's murder

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The husband of the murdered Midlothian fitness instructor says he is leaning on his faith in the wake of his wife’s death.

Missy Bevers was found dead two and half weeks ago inside of the Creekside Church in Midlothian.

Her husband, Brandon Bevers talked with police one day after investigators released new documents about the murder.

“Couple of times a week, we just get together,” said Bevers Wednesday at the Midlothian Police Department. “We corroborate information.”

Bevers was seen driving the grey Ford F-150 pickup Missy was driving early morning on April 18 -- the day she was murdered.

“They didn't call me here,” explained Brandon. “I just occasionally have things in my mind that I want to share with them.”

A new search warrant affidavit released on Tuesday, which allowed police to retrieve personal data from Missy's phone and iPad left in her truck the day of the murder, revealed Missy had multiple puncture wounds to her head and chest consistent with the tool the suspect, seen on surveillance video in full police gear, was carrying throughout Creekside Church of Christ.

“As far as the puncture wound story, I haven't even opened that up,” said Branon. “I saw it and just pffft... I'm not going there.”

The affidavit says Missy was in the church for about 30 minutes where she was setting up for her fitness class. It says cameras captured her walking toward the suspect's location. After that, neither are seen again on camera. Her body later found in the southwest corner of the building.

Brandon says he doesn't want to know the gory details, instead, leaning on his faith.

“Without that, there's no way I would be able to be a father to my children, a son to my mother or whatever,” said Brandon. “There's just no way I'd be a normal person.”

A Midlothian police spokesman said in a statement they will not be commenting further on the affidavits -- especially not about the cause of Missy's death or mechanism of injury. They said it is information only the killer would know.

“If it wasn't for me leaning on God as heavily as I am right now, there is no way,” said Brandon. “I would be melted into this assault.”