Hurst house explosion victims treated for severe burns

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A woman injured in a Hurst house explosion is still in critical condition but is expected to survive.

Three members of the Bridges family were home when a car crashed into their house Saturday, triggering a firy explosion.

The explosion was caught on the neighbor's surveillance camera across the street.

Hurst police say 40-year-old Arnulfo Castro crashed into the family's home at Redbud and Myrtle Drives around 1pm Saturday.

The vehicle severed a gas line in the front yard causing the explosion.

Dixie and Charles Bridges, who are in their 60s, and their 30-year-old son, Christopher, were home at the time and injured in the explosion.

The Bridges' daughter, Sarah Shirley, says their mother has burns covering 40 percent of her body.

Shirley says her father's hands are severely burned.

The Bridges are both being treated at Parkland Hospital.

Shirley says her mother was stuck under debris and her father and brother were trying to rescue her when the home exploded.

A Hurst police officer was injured while trying to help Dixie escape.

"You never want to see your parents like that and it just, it was so hard because all I wanted to do was help her and tell her it'll be okay and I don't know if I can do that," said Shirley.

First responders were able to rescue the families dog named Bandit.

Castro has been arrested for traffic offenses, but police have yet to say what they are.

The Bridges' home as been in their family for about 60 years.