Hospital: Doctors say keeping baby on life support is cruel and unethical

Tinslee Lewis on Christmas Day

In a new court filing, Cook Children’s Medical Center said doctors and nurses believe keeping a terminally ill baby on life support is unethical and cruel.

Tinslee Lewis has a rare heart defect. She has been in the hospital since she was born nearly a year ago and relies on a ventilator and feeding tube.

Cook Children’s said her condition will never improve and that she suffers a “dying event” at least once a day.

The hospital said many nurses refuse to be assigned to care for Tinslee because they are not comfortable inflicting pain on her.

Earlier this month, an appeals court ruled the hospital must keep her alive while a legal battle over her care continues.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a brief in court to support Tinslee’s family, who believes she still has viable medical options.

Trinity Lewis said her daughter responds to touch and conversation and deserves the chance to live.

"I know everybody has to pass away, but it's just my biggest fear is them pulling the plug on her without me not having, basically not being able to make the decision for her,” Lewis said.