Hometown Heroes: Nancy Love

Nancy Love has been a teacher in the Fort Worth ISD for 30 years. She loves what she does but had to leave the classroom in 2014 for treatment for ovarian cancer at Texas Oncology.  After chemo she's in remission and this survivor is giving back.

Her students at Harlean Beal Elementary School in Forest Hill saw her when she had to wear a scarf or a hat because she lost her hair. They learned about her battle.

Ms. Love is grateful for her treatment and wanted to help women and men still in the cancer fight.  She decided to make chemo buddy bags and asked her students if they wanted to help her. They said absolutely!

Last school year, Ms. Love's 4th graders assembled 278 chemo buddy bags with candy, chips, tissue, chapstick and cookies. The bags also have a joke to cheer up each chemo patient.

The day we were at the school they made 38 chemo goodie bags. Ms. Love knows what that extra support means. When she was going thru her battle she learned the lesson of NEGU...Never Ever Give Up. 

Ms. Love is teaching that lesson to her students along with the lesson of kindness and compassion. She says they relate to each other differently because of this project.  The students exercise more kindness and concern for each other and those around them.