Hometown Hero: The Pillow Fairies

Every week, between 125-150 pillows in colorful, kid-friendly pillowcases are given to patients at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.  Patients from 2 to teen years get to choose between two fun pillows, and they get to take their pillow home.

Sarah Shelton and Cheryl Bender are the Pillow Fairies. Each Monday and Wednesday, they take their pillow cart and give a soft pillow to patients who don't already have one.  It cheers up the patients and makes their rooms look cheery.  The children love being able to choose their pillow because they don't have a choice about that happens to them in their treatment to get better.

Hospital stitchers who live across the DFW area make the pillowcases year-round.  They follow specific instructions and have lots of fun.

If you'd like to be a stitcher for Cook Children's Medical Center and/or donate material for the pillowcases, call Christy Beck at (682)885-4590 or send an email to christy.beck@cookchildrens.org.