Hometown Hero: The Peace Path

Carlisle Elementary School in the Plano ISD has a colorful way to resolve playground problems.

It's a Peace Path. The principal, Linda Patrick, asked Girl Scout Troop 1674 if they'd create it.  The Girl Scouts took their usual leadership role and did an outstanding job. They asked Home Depot to donate the paint and supplies and got to work.

The Peace Path is painted on the pavement near the playground. Two students with a problem face each other and talk about their problem as they walk the six steps.  If it's resolved, they go play. If not, they walk the Peace Path again. And if there's no resolution, they get a teacher involved.

The goal is the have students value each other and communicate by talking to each other to resolve a problem and move forward together.

Dr. Patrick says if the Peace Path is the success she thinks it will be. She'll ask the Girl Scouts to come back next summer to paint another one on the school's second playground.

 It is enrollment time for the new year of Girl Scouting. You can find information at www.gsnetx.org. There are 42 new badges and a lot of new opportunities and activities.