Hometown Hero: Skeeter

Skeeter makes patients smile every time he walks into their room. Skeeter is a 7-year-old Golden Retriever that volunteers at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.

Skeeter was a rescue that found a loving home with Sharron Schmitt and her family. She's been involved in canine therapy for 20 years and is a registered handler with Pet Partners.

Skeeter is a registered therapy dog with Pet Partners. They both take a test every two years to maintain their credentials.

This canine caregiver is chill, affectionate and the perfect therapy dog. He quietly sits on patient's beds and lets them pet him, brush his fur. He likes to ‘hold hands,’ which involves letting you hold his paw in your hand.

Patients even get to give Skeeter his favorite, tiny sliced carrots.  It brightens their day and is really good medicine. 

Skeeter will be 8 in February. At his birthday party, Sharron says he'll get a cup of ice cream as a special treat.

To learn more about Pet Partners log on to www.petpartners.org