Hometown Hero: Marisol Perez

Marisol Perez is a twin who was born in Brooklyn, New York. The grandmother said that as a little girl she loved the story of the nurse, Florence Nightingale, and loved watching war movies with her dad.

Later in life, she kind of combined both. Perez joined the U.S. Army in 1979 and served in Korea re-fueling 0M-1 tanks and aircraft. She was later stationed at Fort Hood where she retired as a sergeant after six years of service.

Perez says she had difficulty returning to civilian life, and she got the help she needed at the Dallas VA Hospital.  In gratitude, she started volunteering there.

In 12 years, she's donated 4,600 hours of her time. She greets patients at the main information desk at least three days a week for a six-hour shift. She loves helping her sister and brother veterans and their families. She greets everyone with warmth and gives directions with military precision.

If you'd like to volunteer at the Dallas VA Hospital call Voluntary Services at (214) 857-0428.