Hometown Hero: Kristy Faus

The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has numerous programs that benefit the community. One of them is the mentorship program at DISD's Irma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School in Fair Park. 

The Women of Tocqueville Society have run a mentorship program for four years. Rangel juniors and seniors learn how to write a compelling resume, give a dynamic interview for a job or college admission and learn life skills. Their mentors are powerful female business and civic leaders. They are delighted to help the next generation of leaders.

Kristy Faus is Chair of the Women of Tocqueville Mentorship Program. Faus said she and the other women are proud of the girls. She calls the students the real Hometown Heroes for working hard to enrich their lives, the lives of their families and the community through excellence in education.

The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is celebrating its 30th year serving the people of the Dallas area.