Hometown Hero: Karl Springer

Karl Springer was an educator for 38 years.  He still is, he just doesn't get a paycheck. What he does get is worth more than money.

Mr. Springer retired as the superintendent of the Oklahoma City Public School System.  He and his wife moved to Dallas to be close to their grandkids.

One day, Mr. Springer was standing in line at the bank and struck up a conversation with the Principal of Anne Frank Elementary School. Beverly Mullins Ford invited Mr. Springer to apply as a volunteer. And a couple of weeks later, there he was.

Mr. Springer had contacted DISD, passed the background check and orientation and was ready to tutor fifth-grade math students.  That was last year. This year, he's tutoring third graders at Anne Frank.

Math test scores have improved. The students feel great about getting extra help, and Mr. Springer is happy and honored to help the future four days a week at school.

Karl Springer says he knows DISD test scores will shoot up to the moon if the district gets 10,000 volunteers.

For more information on how to volunteer as a tutor, click here.