Hometown Hero: Janice Holmes

February 9, 2018, will mark 50 years of volunteer service for Janice Holmes at Children's Health Dallas. It's a joyous celebration rooted in grief and sadness.

Janice's 5-year-old daughter, Laurie, died of leukemia in 1968. To help her grieve, Janice decided to help others. Her father was a doctor and a hospital was a familiar place for her.

Janice said 50 years ago if they had 18 patients in the surgical recovery room, it was a busy day. Now, they have 50 to 60 each day.

The mother, grandmother and great-grandmother has left her mark all over the hospital. Janice has embroidered Biblical banners in the chapel. She makes soft, colorful blankets the patients get to take home. She helps nurses and patients on the surgical recovery floor, and she has a devoted fan club all over Children's Health Dallas.

Janice has inspired her husband of 62 years, Ernie, a daughter-in-law and a grandson to volunteer at Children's Health Dallas. If you'd like to volunteer, log on to www.childrens.com/volunteer

In deep gratitude, on the hospital will throw a party on Feb. 26 in honor of Janice to celebrate her 20,000 hours of service in 50 years of devotion to the patients and staff.