Hit-and-run driver flees after killing beloved grandfather

A family is looking for answers in the death of a beloved grandfather who was killed in a hit and run crash Wednesday night.

Dallas police say two cars collided when one driver ran a red light at South Central Expressway and Pine and hit another vehicle. Shelton Manning, 62, was driving the second car and was killed in the crash just before 9:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, the driver who caused the accident ran away. Police are still looking for that driver.

Police wouldn't confirm if they have any suspects but said driver likely has injuries from the crash.

Brittany Manning describes her dad, Shelton, as the ultimate family man. He a Marine veteran, a father to three kids, and a grandfather known as Papa Shelton to four grandkids. Shelton was always someone the family could count on.

“He was just a good parent,” Brittany said. “I could always depend on my dad, no matter what. He always came through.”

Shelton’s family describes him as a handyman always fixing something around the house. He built a personalized chair for his 9-year old granddaughter, Savannah, so they could sit together on the porch when it was nice out.

His family says Shelton was on his way home Wednesday night when he was hit and killed. Dallas police say just before 9:30 pm the driver of a white car ran a red light and slammed into Shelton’s car. He died on scene while the driver who caused the accident ran off.

“I just kind of feel shortchanged now because it's like certain stuff I'm just not going to have him, my daddy, and I just never thought I wouldn't,” Brittany said.

As police search for the driver, the family hopes whoever it is will turn themselves in and give them closure.

“I don't care what you're going through at that moment in time. I feel like, as a human being, you're just supposed to have some type of compassion and sympathy to even try to attempt to make sure… at least call 911,” Brittany said.

The driver responsible took off but left their car on scene. Dallas police haven't said if they were able to find the owner of the car or track down who was driving it at the time.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Dallas Police Department.