Hispanic singer killed in Grand Prairie shooting

The family of a Hispanic singer who was shot to death outside of a Grand Prairie sports bar cannot understand why someone would target him.

Raul Bustamante had just finished performing with his band early Sunday morning when someone murdered him in the parking lot.

The victim’s brothers say they haven't even told their own parents, who live in Mexico, that their son is gone.

The 21-year-old was the lead singer of the band ‘Impacto 05.’

Early Sunday morning, the group had just wrapped up a small gig at Los Balones Sports Bar in Grand Prairie. Raul’s next stop was his big brother's house, but never made it.

"I called him and said, ‘Hey man, where you at? you coming tonight or not?’ And he said yeah,” recalled Andres Bustamante, Raul’s brother. “Then I called him again and he didn't answer no more. He always answers my calls."

Minutes after that brief phone call, Raul was dead.

"Now to think that he ain't there no more… it's going to be hard,” said Andres.

According to Grand Prairie police, the singer was in the parking lot of the venue when a gray SUV pulled up.

Witnesses say a man, possibly wearing a mask, got out of the rear passenger door, shot Raul at least five times and sped away. No one else appeared to be targeted. Witnesses told police they did not see any trouble inside that night.

"Everywhere that he'd go he'd make friends,” said Andres. “He never fought."

His brothers say the pain of Raul’s death is unbearable.

"You killed everybody, us four too,” said Raul’s brother, Abel Bustamante. “We've got a dagger here in our heart real bad. We're bleeding hard."

Raul’s parents are in Mexico and unaware of their son's death. So the burden of planning Raul’s death has fallen on his brothers.

Raul leaves behind a 1-year-old son. He was also expecting another child. The family set up a GoFundMe account.