High water makes for challenging holiday weekend on lakes

The Fourth of July weekend is expected to be busy for area lakes and businesses, but this year's flooding is still affecting visitor's plans.

All but one boat ramp was closed at Lake Grapevine due to the high water that remains from April and May’s rains.

Once you get in the water, there are obstacles in many places. The shoreline is well beneath the water with flagpoles and campground pavilions sticking out of the top of the lake. Stagnant water is also in parts of some flooded areas.

“I've gone into places where you can't see the water. It's just a green thing over the top. Like a green carpet over it,” said kayaker Andrew Weishaar.

Families at Lewisville Lake said the holiday weekend would be only their second time at the lake this year.

Officials there asked people to bring their patience, something boaters agreed with.

“We are extra cautious,” said Richard Ward. “We always have to sets of eyes besides the driver looking for debris... because there is debris out there.”