High-speed police chase caught on dashcam

Dashcam video released Friday shows the wild, high-speed chase involving two bank robbery suspects who were arrested in Mansfield.

Sheriff Bob Alford said the chase started after 41-year-old Michael Bailey robbed the Grandview State Bank in Grandview.

When Michael Bailey walked out, police say citizens out front thought he looked suspicious, called 911 and followed Bailey to get his license plate number.

Grandview Police caught up with Michael and Megan, his 19-year-old stepdaughter who was in his passenger seat, and the chase was on.

The dashcam video shows the intense chase of Michael and Megan as they snaked their way through parts of four counties -- Hill, Johnson, Ellis and Tarrant -- speeding recklessly and at times, drifting into oncoming lanes.

It pushed police squad cars to the extreme.

Capt. Gary Melson of the Alvarado Police Department was on that chase.

He says the top speed of a typical police unit, a Chevy Caprice, is about 135 miles per hour, but at times, speeds during the chase reached about 150 miles per hour because roads were on a downward slope.

“The other vehicles had some trouble keeping up with it,” said Melson. “And we were just fortunate enough to have the Caprice available to stay with him…we never want to push our cars to that extreme.”

Police say Michael Bailey made many dangerous maneuvers through intersections and around curves.

When he went off-road, he lost control and went into a ditch, and he and Megan soon surrendered.

Melson was glad no one was injured.

“Really, you're terrified while you're doing it, just hoping your training kicks in,” he said.

Both suspects remain in jail, and the FBI is handling the investigation.