High school bands brave summer heat for practice

High school football teams and bands have to deal with the heat all summer long. But it's "when" to hold practice that can make a difference.

In addition to the note and the steps, band members of L.D. Bell High School are practicing common sense.

"If you're eating potato chips all the time, you're gonna get thirsty,” said Drum Major Cameron Kostopoulos. “And that's definitely not good in the heat."

A healthy diet for band members is especially when marching band practice is on a day when the temperature hit 101.

“So our directors really push us to stay hydrated drink a lot of water on and off the field,” said Kostopoulos.

All across North Texas, bands are beginning to hit the fields.

Arlington ISD’s high school bands began gave a morning session outside and an afternoon session inside when the day is at its hottest.

The Marching Blue Raiders practice outside in the morning, inside during the heat of the day then back out in the evening.

Every 15 minutes is a water break for band members.

The band’s director, Van Mathews, preaches eating well, drinking water and sleep.

“You gotta sleep because the schedule is grueling,” said Mathews. “It's a marathon. It’s not a sprint."

All of the directors are certified by the UIL and have to take safety courses. Head directors are  certified in American Red Cross basic aid and CPR.