High e-coli levels in Trinity River water near Panther Island

Panther Island on the Trinity River in Fort Worth has become a popular spot to spend summer days -- but on Friday swimmers and tubers were asked to stay out of the water.

Only kayakers can still enjoy the Trinity while everyone else has to party on the shore after e-coli was detected in the river. The tests for e-coli came back too high to allow swimming or tubing for events at the Panther Island Pavilion.

The river itself remains open and it's okay to be on the surface of the water. But the advice is that people not swim or go tubing in the river or do other activities that could cause them to accidentally ingest river water. 

Results on a new test of the water are expected on Saturday and that will determine if tubing will be allowed for July 4th weekend events.

The weekly family event Sunday Funday will go on as scheduled and the set up was ongoing Friday for Fort Worth's 4th of July celebration on Monday.