Happy ending for toddler, taken by CPS last year

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There’s a happy ending for a Fort Worth toddler, who went missing almost a year ago.

An amber alert was issued for Twinkle Twinkle Twilight on November 5TH, 2015. Police say Vicki Miles had lost custody of her daughter to CPS, but took her during a visit.

They found the girl with her mother the next day and Miles was arrested.

On September 22, this year, the little girl was adopted. The family allowed Fort Worth Police officers to be part of the adoption hearing.

 “We don't really get to see this positive end result. We're so often called to handle a crisis that we go in and handle all of the tough moments, and we know there are positive effects of that, but we don't get to see that very much,” said Fort Worth officer Lizzie Dueming.

Police say the little girl has a new name, which they do not want to disclose. They say she is healthy and happy.