Guitars stolen from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist before Dallas show

Dallas Police are looking for the person who stole four guitars and stage equipment from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Nils Lofgren.

Lofgren, who was inducted into the Hall in 2014 with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, had a show scheduled for Friday night at Dallas's Kessler Theater.

Lofgren says the guitars stolen were not only expensive but also had a lot of sentimental value - he’s hoping someone can recognize the thief who took them.

"This is my fiftieth year on the road, probably done 5 or 6,000 shows," Lofgren said.  "I've been through town with Bruce and E Street, Ringo Starr’s All-Star Band in ‘89 and ‘92."

He called Dallas a "great town, been playing here a lot, had a lot of fond memories.  Of course, hoping for a fond memory of a great show tonight, but the morning started out bad."

Lofgren and his crew were staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Communications Drive off North Cockrell Hill and I-30 in Dallas Thursday night when a man broke into their van full of equipment.

"He dumped behind, broke in, put things in his trunk," Lofgren said, "four guitars, our harps, our bag of tools and wireless tools and things like that we needed, and he drove off.

Lofgren says, according to the security footage, the break in happened around 10:30 p.m. Thursday.  The thief took guitars especially close to Lofgren’s heart - including one with which he created his latest album and another that has a long history.

"I played it for so many years and it’s traveled the world so i’m wearing a hole in it," Lofgren said.

As police look for the person responsible, Lofgren and his crew are pushing forward with the rest of the shows anyway with equipment rented and borrowed from friends.

Lofgren and his crew are playing Saturday night in Austin and have more dates in California next month.  He says since the news of his stolen instruments - other musicians have contacted him offering to help replace what was stolen.

"I’m a professional," he said.  "I’ll make it work and do a great show for everybody".