Grieving mother talks about night her 7-year-old son was shot while lying in bed

The mother of a little boy killed while playing video games in his own home said her boy was a loving child.

Dallas police have not made any arrests or even have a suspect for the murder of 7-year-old Kyrie Barnes.

His mother says she heard about three gunshots while she and her kids were lying in bed on July 2. One of those bullets went through the wall and struck Kyrie.

A week after Danielle Brown was forced to say goodbye to her middle child, the grieving mother is begging for anyone to come forward with information in the case. No arrests have been made. 

On that terrifying night, Brown remembers hearing fireworks and then fireworks turned into gunshots. 

Brown barely can think about the night her world was shattered. 


Dallas 7-year-old shot while sleeping in apartment dies

Kyrie Barnes' family released his photo in hopes that it would encourage anyone with information about the shooting to come forward.

"It was so sudden. Didn’t see it coming it all," she said.

Brown’s son was shot on Sunday July 2 while lying in bed. A single bullet came through the wall of the family’s second story apartment in Pleasant Grove.

A few days later on July 5, Barnes died in the hospital. 

"I was praying for him to make it, but I feel like he was too good for the world," Brown said.

Brown says her last memory with her middle child was a Sunday movie night. She and her three children had just moved from Garland to Dallas a month ago. 

Kyrie was going to start second grade this school year. 

"Kyrie was just laying at the end of the bed playing on his video game on his phone," Brown said.

Around 9:30 p.m., Brown says she heard what sounded like fireworks. Seconds later, she realized the sound was gunfire. 

"It was just one bullet that came through the wall. It was crazy. Like three gunshots, I think," she said.

As of Wednesday, no arrests have been made in the 7-year-old’s murder. 

Since the shooting, Dallas police haven’t released any updates, including a suspect description. 

Investigators are only telling FOX 4 they do not believe the apartment was the intended target. It’s still unclear where the gunshots came from. 

With still so many questions Wednesday evening, the organization ‘No More Violence’ held a balloon release for Kyrie, who loved the color red and Spider-Man. 

"He was just a loving kid. He loved everyone," Brown said.

Brown says she called Kyrie the man of the house because he always looked after her, his 10-year-old sister and his 3-year-old younger brother. 

"This shouldn’t happen to nobody’s kids. you know. He’s just an innocent kid," Brown said. "If anyone knows anything, come forward. It could be your son, your family member, anything."

Brown also has little information on the case. Last she heard from police, they were looking through surveillance footage to see if there is a vehicle or a suspect description.