Greenville baby's father taken into custody for questioning

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Police have found the father of a baby girl whose body was found at a gas station in Greenville, northeast of Dallas. Police say the girl’s mother lied about what happened to her infant daughter to keep police from investigating.

Jeremy Stevenson was caught hiding in a tree in Fannin County and arrested Wednesday for a parole violation. Investigators also want to talk to him about the death of his daughter, 2-month old Alexiana Stevenson.

Police said Jeremy is not considered a suspect for now, but they believe he has information that can help them solve the case.

Alexiana, who was born in November, died sometime before 11 a.m. Monday and was then taken to the Prime Stop gas station.

The baby was with her mother, 27-year-old Stephanie Flynn, and Stephanie's sister, 20-year-old Shawn Flynn. They were arrested for tampering with evidence and allegedly moving the infant's body.

Police say the sisters concocted a story about a trip out of state that quickly fell apart. Shawn has since bonded out of jail.

According to arrest records, police say the sisters told them they'd gone to Oklahoma to stay with an aunt. It was on the way back during a stop at a Greenville convenience store that Stephanie discovered Alexiana Stevenson dead in the car. But police say they were quickly able to determine the child's “signs of lividity and rigor mortis didn't match up.” The sisters' stories didn't match up either.

Shawn later told police "Stephanie came up with the trip to Oklahoma story." Shawn told investigators she got an urgent call Monday morning from her sister asking her to come over to where she was living in a shed behind Greenville home that Stephanie rented with Jeremy.

Stephanie told police "Jeremy Stevenson woke her and stated that Alexiana Stevenson was deceased."

Shawn told police when she arrived at the home "they (Stephanie and Jeremy) were both crying." Shawn says she and her sister put the child in the car and began driving to the hospital but pulled into the gas station to make the story more believable. She says her sister came up with the story to keep people away from the residence, but the affidavits do not state why that might be the case.

Jeremy was arrested in Trenton, about 25 miles away from Greenville, on a warrant for a parole violation. Greenville investigators planned on interviewing him Wednesday about the circumstances that led up to his daughter's death.

It is not yet clear how the baby died. The results of an autopsy are still pending.