Grapevine's Parade of Lights goes on despite cold weather

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Organizers for Grapevine's 39th annual Parade of Lights promised they wouldn't let rain stop the holiday tradition.

Families bundled up, grabbed hot cocoa and didn't let the cold stop them from having a good time.

In the 39 years of this parade, organizers say they’ve only canceled once because of weather. So Thursday’s rain was not going to keep them from going forward.

On a chilly, rainy night in December, Lauren Gatlin and her family still made sure they had front row seats to the annual Grapevine Parade of Lights.

“We are bundled up. We have her hat, mittens, multiple coats, blankets and everything,” Gatlin said. “Just got to stay warm.”

“It’s not too bad,” said Robin Leos. “We’ve got a lot of Under Armor under our sweaters. We’re good.”

While the rain discouraged some parade participants and people from coming out, those that did come out say the colder temperatures added to their Christmas spirit.

“When it’s 80 degrees, it doesn’t feel much like Christmas,” said Grapevine Chamber of Commerce CEO RaDonna Hessel. “So when you’re a little bit overcast and your breath is being seen, it makes it feel a little bit more like Christmas.”

Many say it’s a cherished tradition that keeps them coming back year after year.

“We just love seeing the Christmas spirit on Main Street and enjoy the parade,” said Debbie Gregory.

“It’s our town,” said William Bereuter. “So we come to support all these kids that are in the parade and everything that goes with it.”

Being the Christmas capital of Texas, Grapevine has more than 1,400 events celebrating the holidays going on through January 1.