Grand Prairie officer shoots chase suspect at Arlington apartment complex

A traffic stop turned into a chase in a car then on foot eventually ended in a Grand Prairie officer-involved shooting near AT&T Stadium.

Police say they found out later that the man who lead them in a chase Thursday morning when they tried to make a simple traffic stop had several arrest warrants.

The incident ended at an Arlington apartment complex where the suspect was shot and wounded. The chase went from Grand Prairie into Arlington. It turned into a foot race that ended in a breezeway of an apartment complex.

Police say Darnard Ashlock Jr., 34, was shot and wounded by a Grand Prairie police officer after he fought with the officer.

Darnard Ashlock Sr. lives in the Claremont Senior Living Complex. He figures his son was trying to reach him.

"How it escalated to this, my son is not a, he might do a lot of stuff and he will fight,” the suspects father said. “But on something like that, no he won't fight no person in charge."

Grand Prairie Police say one of their officers tried to stop Ashlock for an illegal u-turn at Pioneer Parkway and Carrier Parkway. The car stopped long enough to let out a passenger who wanted no part of what was about to happen.

"A passenger got out of the vehicle, raised his arms and said something to the effect of, ‘I got nothing to do with this,’” said Lyle Gensler with Grand Prairie Police.

Police say the officer tried to use a taser but it fell to the ground during the fight. When the suspect didn't let up, the officer used his service weapon and shot Ashlock in the leg.

One resident says she heard two shots.

“Just loud sirens that didn't sound like Arlington police,” said the resident. “So loud, it almost sounded like a tornado warning."

Grand Prairie police say besides the arrest warrant, Ashlock Jr. has an extensive criminal history.

Police say the officer fired only one shot. The officer was treated for cuts and bruises that he got during the fight.