Grand jury still deliberating in Amber Guyger case

There is no decision yet on whether fired Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger will be indicted for manslaughter or murder or if she will be cleared in the shooting death of Botham Jean.

The grand jury heard evidence in the off-duty police shooting case on Monday and reconvened Wednesday with more witnesses and video evidence to review.

Whatever the grand jury decides will determine if or how Guyger's criminal case moves forward.

Testimony and videos played a part in the second day of a grand jury who is working to decide if Guyger will be indicted on manslaughter as charged, face a higher charge of murder or be no-billed.

Texas Rangers who took over the investigation took up much of the day testifying before the grand jury. A monitor was wheeled in presumably to watch Guyger’s recorded interview with Ranger David Armstrong and the body camera video of DPD officers who first arrived on scene.

The officers were in the grand jury witness pool on Wednesday. Video from Ring doorbell systems was also subpoenaed from apartments inside South Side Flats.

Attorneys for the Jean family say any indictment returned that is less than murder will not be accepted

“It’s been a very difficult three days after a difficult three months for the family of waiting,” said attorney Lee Merritt. “We’re hoping for an indictment to come forward today. We believe an appropriate indictment consistent with the charges is one of murder. Anything less we fill would be a miscarriage of justice.”

The Rangers charged Guyger with manslaughter after she told them she shot and killed Jean thinking he was an intruder in her apartment. However, she lived one floor below and was in the wrong apartment.

Attorneys for the Jean family say anything other than a murder indictment will be unacceptable. And if they don't get it from current District Attorney Faith Johnson, they could seek help from incoming District Attorney John Creuzot.

“We would encourage District Attorney Creuzot to go back and get a proper indictment out of the grand jury,” Merritt said. “Whether he's able to do that will be a decision for his administration.”

Sources tell FOX 4 that the Texas Rangers have interviewed more than 300 people, including several South Side Flats residents, about their doors and how the close and the locking mechanisms. The case may have gone to the grand jury sooner than the Rangers would have liked.

Johnson wanted the case indicted before her watch ended.

The grand jury will reconvene on Friday morning.