Granbury ISD surprises teachers, staff with school supply shopping spree

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Teachers and staff headed back to school got a big surprise in Granbury ISD - $100 each from the district to use during a school supply shopping spree.

Like most districts, Granbury ISD had a big pep rally on Tuesday to get the teachers fired up for the new school year. It was during the convocation that officials announced the big news.

“It was an auditorium full of adults who immediately turned into children,” said art teacher Brandy Lillagore. “Everybody was so excited rushing to the door, who was going to get there first, I don't want them to get all the supplies I need.”

No one in the building was expecting the help.

“We were all sitting when they told us just waiting and everybody heard and just like what!? Then we all stood up and cheered,” said math teacher Melissa Galofaro.

Instead of paying a motivational speaker for this year's staff convocation, the district opted to do the school supply shopping spree.

"We were waiting for them to announce who our speaker was going to be for that day and the school board president got up and told us, just kidding. Everybody's getting a hundred dollars,” Lillagore said.

Acton Elementary School Principal Carla Willmeth and other principals played a part.

“We knew about it but we kept it a secret, then they found out about it right at convocation,” Willmeth said.

Teachers and staff said they were on ‘Cloud 9’ when they found out. Many of the supplies that teachers bought usually wind up being paid for by teachers themselves.

"Oh my gosh, what do I need? You start going through that mental list of things you know you'll have to get but you were putting off because it does come out of our own pockets a lot of times,” Lillagore said.

These teachers say their excitement over glue, pens, paper and the rest is all about the students.

"I think it says a lot about our district. They're giving back through their teachers,” said special education teacher Riley DeLeon.