Gov. Greg Abbott heads to the border for election night, with immigration a top issue for Texans

Texas Governor Greg Abbott launched his re-election campaign in McAllen, and on Tuesday the governor will be there to find out if that campaign was a winner.

Gov. Abbott did not hold any campaign events on Monday, ahead of Election Day on Tuesday.

Local residents spent the day canvassing nearby neighborhoods urging people to get out and vote.

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Some volunteers with the Texas GOP drove to McAllen from Houston in hopes of getting Republican votes on Election Day.

"It is changing an area that until recently didn't have a Republican congressman or woman for the last 100 years," said volunteer Jacob Wintersteen.

Wintersteen says they are focused on areas in the Rio Grande Valley. An area long considered a Democrat stronghold.

"Sometimes that little reminder will help push a candidate over the edge," he said.

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Governor Abbott, who is seeking his third re-election, says he has spent more time in the Rio Grande Valley than any other governor in Texas history.

"We keep going there, making connections there, and that's why we're seeing greater percentage of Hispanics in the Rio Grande Valley supporting both my campaign and campaigns run by Hispanics themselves," said Gov. Abbott in an interview with FOX 4 on Sunday.

Abbott says border security is the number one issue to many Rio Grande Valley residents, Republican and Democrat alike.

In the past year alone, Abbott says 2.2 million immigrants have crossed over the southern border illegally.

Gov. Abbott believes many border Democrats are fed-up with the way the Biden Administration has handled the ongoing influx.

"Ranches are being ripped apart, homes are being invaded, communities are being overrun, so they're angry, and they know its only Republicans who are stepping up to secure the border," Abbott said.

A recent University of Texas - Texas Politics Project poll found the border to be top of mind among likely voters.

"I think it's certainly encouraging for Governor Abbot," said Dr. Matthew Wilson, an SMU political science professor.

Wilson says another striking stat in the October poll, shows Hispanic voters evenly split between Gov. Abbott and his challenger, Democrat Beto O'Rourke.

"If that actually holds up on Election Day, that's a disaster for Democrats. Right. I mean, their whole story about their growing strength in Texas is predicated on winning solid majorities of the Hispanic vote," said Dr. Wilson.

In McAllen, GOP volunteers say they aren't taking a single vote for granted.

"We just need you to come out and vote tomorrow," said Wintersteen.

Gov. Abbott will hold his election night watch part at Quinta Mazatlan, which is considered a historical marker and world birding center.