Good Samaritans help save boy from flooded drainage ditch

The life of a 9-year-old boy was almost cut short when rushing waters trapped him, unconscious, in a flooded drainage ditch in Bowie.

Without the bravery of two Good Samaritans, this story would have a very different ending.

Christy Price says her kids were at a neighbor's house while she was making dinner, and she didn't know they'd gone outside to play in the rain.

While playing in a ditch, her son Colby's foot became caught in a culvert. Water pulled him under, pinning him against the drainage pipe.

Colby's sister flagged down two men doing maintenance work at the apartments. Josh Gram and Chad Summers jumped in to save the unconscious boy.

"There was no fear. There was no nothing. It was just trying to help a little boy, save his life," Summers said. "He was completely under water at that time. We drug him out of the water and were able to administer CPR to him."

As the two men worked to save Colby's life, his sister ran to call 911 and tell her mom what happened.

Doctors say Colby didn't suffer any brain damage while he was unconscious.

It was one of many water rescues in Montague County where some areas got a foot of rain.