Godley ISD student beaten before getting on bus

A Godley High School freshman is recovering from injuries after a fight with another girl at school.

It's not the fight the girl’s mother is upset about, but rather the way the school handled her medical treatment.

The mother of the girl who was injured says the fight was serious enough that she's been in contact with police.

Adrianna Torrez says she still hurts and is pretty shaky since the fight. The 14-year-old was about to get on the school bus Monday afternoon for the ride home when it happened.

"I remember stepping off the corner and being pulled back, like yanked back, and hit the floor and don't remember anything from there until they woke me up,” the ninth-grader said.

Amanda Skidmore says her daughter was knocked down onto the concrete by another girl. She says Adrianna now has a concussion and scrapes on her knee and both elbows.

Skidmore says a teacher pulled the other girl off her daughter. But instead of taking Adrianna inside the school for medical attention, she was put onto the bus instead.

Skidmore says she took her daughter to the emergency room and again the next day.

"She had deep bruising on the right hip,” Skidmore said. “They say said memory loss is normal with a concussion.”

The Godley ISD superintendent was out of town and not available to talk but said, “the safety and well-being of our students has, and always will be, our highest priority.  We can assure you we take every concern seriously and are focused on resolving all issues."

Skidmore says her daughter and the other girl did some name-calling in the hall last Friday, and it boiled over into the physical confrontation Monday. She says her concern is over the school's response after her daughter was injured.

"They just don't throw them on a bus and send them home,” Skidmore said. “She should have been seen by a nurse, should have been out to look at her."

The superintendent said Skidmore’s daughter was not at fault for the incident at the school bus.