Gay couple sues Hood County for not issuing marriage license

Hood County issued a marriage license Monday after being sued by a gay couple.

Clerk Katie Lang refused to issue same-sex licenses despite the Supreme Court’s ruling on the issue.

She said her staff could, but told Joe Stapleton and Jim Cato it would be three weeks before they could get one.

The couple filed a lawsuit electronically early Monday morning. A few hours later the county issued them a marriage license.

In a statement, their attorney said they are delighted to finally be able to marry in their home county.

“It’s a shame that they needed to hire lawyers and file a lawsuit to make that happen,” Jan Soifer said.

Soifer also pointed out that the license including handwriting on the existing form, which “proves that County Clerk Lang easily could have complied with the law without waiting ten days.”

The couple does not plan to withdraw the suit unless the county assures them all same-sex couples can get a license without delay. They’re also seeking reimbursement for their attorney fees.