FWPD investigating after man's controversial arrest

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The Fort Worth police chief is promising a thorough investigation into the arrest of a man over the weekend.

Officers were called to east Fort Worth by the fire department on Saturday because a man who was reportedly intoxicated was fighting them.

Forrest Curry, 35, fled on foot but was caught a few blocks away. After a struggle, he was arrested.

A witness posted video of the arrest on Facebook. Lawyers for Curry call it “police violence” and refer to him as a victim.

"On behalf of the victim's family, we appreciate the community's support during this very difficult time.  We are focusing on getting the victim of this police violence out of custody and ensuring that he receives the necessary medical attention for injuries suffered during the heavy-handed arrest by officers with the Fort Worth Police Department.  Unfortunately, it seems the Forth Worth Police Department has a culture of violating the rights of people of color,” attorneys Jasmine Crockett and L. Chris Stewart said in a statement.

Fort Worth PD Chief Joel Fitzgerald said the department is actively investigating the incident and asked for patience and calm during the investigation process.

“The video being circulated depicts officers struggling with the male and striking him as they attempt to handcuff him. What the video does not depict is that it took three officers and one supervisor to effectively place the resisting subject into handcuffs, a struggle that lasted 4.5 minutes,” police said.

Curry has a criminal history of arrests for assault, drug possession and evading arrest.