FWFD: Middle school student responsible for school vandalism

Fort Worth arson investigators believe a middle school student is responsible for vandalism at a Crowley ISD elementary school earlier this week and an arrest could be pending.

Investigators were looking for a juvenile suspect seen on surveillance video inside Meadowcreek Elementary School moments before the fire on Monday.

"Had very quick response from some alert citizens who recognized that person called in and were able to help narrow it down to the right person,” said Lt. Kyle Falkner, Fort Worth Fire Department.

Arson investigators went to a home about four blocks from the school on Thursday. No one came to the door, initially.

After about an hour, family members came home and investigators produced the search warrant.  They went inside and found enough evidence to break the case.

The person they were looking for, described only as a middle school student, had been inside from the time police had arrived.

Books and supplies at the school were sent on fire in a classroom early Monday. That sent off the sprinklers and caused water and smoke damage to about a half dozen classrooms.

Because the suspect is a juvenile he was not arrested, at least not on Thursday.

“We'll be filing charges with the Tarrant County District Attorney,” Falkner said.