Ft. Worth rev. stops robber who shot woman

A funeral home employee is recovering in a Fort Worth hospital after a robber shot her four times.

Her boss, a reverend, saw what was happening and intervened with his own gun.

Stephanie Belton survived the shooting near Highway 287 and Berry Street Wednesday night outside of the funeral home where she works.

Police are looking for a robber who may be recovering from a gunshot wound himself.

Belton survived the shooting, but friends say a bullet is lodged near her spine. She also lost a finger while struggling over the barrel of a gun as a robber attacked her

The fight came to Belton in what would have been a routine moment. She was getting into her car after stepping out of Rev's Funeral Parlour on Vaughn Boulevard in Fort Worth, where she works as an office manager.

Rev. Charles Williams was moving his own car when he heard the struggle.

“I heard the shot and her scream. We got a problem,” said the funeral home director. “The gentleman was backing away from the car and he saw me. He took a shot at me. I went inside the building and got my shotgun and came out.”

Williams says he heard more shots while he was inside. He grabbed his 16 gauge and confronted the robber again. This time, the man took off running.

Williams fired at him but believes he missed. His friend, Belton, was hit in the side and in the hand.

“We don't know why the suspect shot at the victim, especially that many times,” said Fort Worth Police Officer Daniel Segura. “But it’s something that creates concern among detectives. That's why it's very important for us to arrest this suspect as soon as possible.”

Belton's friends she’s a fighter and is in good spirits considering all that she went through.

Fort Worth police say the robber is in his early 20s or late teens. They believe he is between 5’6 and 5’7 and skinny. He's a black man with braided hair and was not wearing a shirt during the robbery.