From slushman to giant snowman, North Texans show off their snowy creations

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Snow reporter | FOX 4

People across North Texas took the time to have some fun in Tuesday’s snowy and slushy weather.

Plano’s Emergency Management share a picture of a tiny snowman on Twitter.

"Get excited Plano! Looks like we can *finally* build our first snowman of the season! Or should we say "slush" man?" the department said.

Plano Slushman (Plano Emergency Management)

He was a cute but sad-looking little guy and likely didn’t survive very long.

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Meanwhile, in the Wise County city of Decatur, a family of FOX 4 viewers made a snowman that’s the real deal.

Decatur Snowman (Leah Alyson)

Leah Alyson shared a picture of her family’s larger-than-life snowman on the FOX 4 Facebook page.

There’s a chance he survived the night but will likely melt with Wednesday’s warmer temperatures.

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