Frisco grandmother excited for first day of senior day care

An adorable Frisco grandmother is proving you're never too old to be excited about new beginnings.

Monique Flores shared photos showing how enthusiastic her grandmother, 89-year-old Antonia Villarreal, was for her first day at a senior day care on Wednesday.

Villarreal held a large pink sign proudly proclaiming her first day at the Frisco Senior Center.

"Last night, she picked out her whole outfit, woke up extra early to get ready, and was ready to go with her backpack and packed lunch 30 minutes early," Flores said on Facebook. "No matter what age you are, you can always find a reason to celebrate."

Flores says her grandma has dementia and other health issues that prevent her from always taking care of herself. But Grandma Villarreal always makes the best out of any situation.

"Rather than choosing to feel sad about losing a sense of independence, she chose to be excited and enthusiastic about this new beginning," Flores told FOX 4.

Villarreal will celebrate her 90th birthday in December.