Friend remembers U.S. navy seal killed by ISIS

Friends are remembering the U.S navy seal killed in Iraq during an attack by ISIS.

Charles Keating the Fourth, 31, was the grandson of World War II fighter pilot, NCAA champion swimmer and the face of the 1980's savings and loan collapse, Charles Keating Jr.

Robert Morgan talked about his closer-than-a-brother-friend he met at Indiana University.

“He was literally my first friend and he and I just clicked. We hit it off,” Morgan said. “He was goofy as could be, always had a smile on his face, up for anything. He was an extremist.”

Keating left IU for his dream of becoming a seal after his sophomore year.

“I had no doubt in my mind that he was gonna,” said Morgan. “And I said, ‘If you if you make it, I’ll be there for your graduation.’”

Through his tears, Morgan painted a picture of petty officer first class Keating.

“He was the greatest guy, had anybody's back,” said Morgan. “He was the biggest sweetheart and he always talked about America and how much he loved this country.”

Officials say Keating was part of a quick reaction force that was deployed to rescue a group of American advisers meeting with Kurdish troops. They were attacked by more than a hundred ISIS fighters who used trucks and bulldozers to push through a Kurdish checkpoint

The advisers and all the team that went in to pull them out made it except for Charlie. It was an hour before a black hawk helicopter coming to lift him out arrived, taking fire as it whirled in.

“He was an outstanding guy,” said Morgan. “And to see how he went down, you know, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with in a really long time.”

Friends and family prepare to celebrate the life of the college athlete and decorated navy seal who was preparing for the next stage of his life: marriage.

“The hardest part was just a couple of weeks ago, I was getting his wedding invitation and was booking flights,” said Morgan. “Now I’m flying out for his funeral.”

Keating was to be married in November.