Fried chicken favorite Bojangles to open locations across North Texas in 2022

A popular southeastern fried chicken fast-food chain will debut in North Texas in 2022.

Bojangles announced its plans to open 15 new locations across the region next year. The chain currently has more than 750 restaurants in 14 states -- but none located in Texas.

"Get ready, Texans, because our delicious chicken and biscuits are headed your way," said Jose Costa, Bojangles chief growth officer.

Forbes reported the company plans to build a regional training facility to help support all of the new restaurants.

In addition to corporately-owned restaurants across the area, Bojangles signed deals with two Texas operators to open franchised locations.

It’s not just the fried chicken, biscuits or Bo-Tato rounds that are popular, the chain said. It gets 40 percent of its revenue from its breakfast menu.

The first Bojangles locations in North Texas are scheduled to open sometime in the first three months of 2022.