FOX 4 viewers help with repairs to burglarized outreach center

North Texans are opening their hearts after a burglary threatened to close a South Dallas non-profit that feeds hungry kids.

Thanks to non-stop calls and contractors donating services, Kathy's Sunshine Outreach Center says it will re-open Monday.

When burglars broke in Tuesday night, causing up to $4,000 in losses and damages, the center says it was forced to close and turn away hungry kids who had nowhere else to go for a meal.

That's when FOX 4 viewers responded, and the center’s owner, Kathy Williams, says it tells her a lot about North Texas.

“Just because we see things on TV that are not good, we cannot say that is the way of the world, because it’s not,” she said. “The way of the world is that there are people that still care.”

The center has gotten calls from people all over North Texas, including from FOX 4 viewer Tom Lamon of Accurate Contractor Services in Duncanville.

“Already today, one of her neighbors has come out and put up a new window for her,” said Lamon.

Williams says people who saw FOX 4’s story about the center being burglarized not only plan to help fix the damage, but upgrade the center's air conditioning, kitchen and upgrade the interior.

“She’s the one that's the workhorse here,” said Lamon. “I may be here for a few days and I’m back in Duncanville, but she'll be here working hard every day in this neighborhood.”

And that means low-income kids and seniors will have their source for a free meal back.

“Sometimes you have to thank the ones that misuse you because sometimes you grow stronger,” said Williams.