Fort Worth parents hold mock funeral procession in protest over district's lack of mask mandate

Some Fort Worth parents held a mock funeral procession Saturday in protest of the district's decision to not have a mask mandate.

Parents who attended the No Masks, No School drive-thru protest said they are concerned about their children's safety as they return to school.

Organizers said they are trying to convince Forth Worth ISD trustees to call an emergency meeting to reinstate the mandate.

A court blocked the district's initial mandate, saying the district didn’t follow proper procedure.

As it stands right now, students, staff, and visitors are only strongly recommended  to wear a face covering. 

"It’s like playing Russian roulette with our children's health, right? I mean the delta variant is so transmissible and it’s making children sick," Alex Vorse said.

"In my mind, I keep thinking too, forget COVID, if anything happens to any of our kids, where are they going to go? Don’t get into a car accident because there’s no space for your child in the ICU," Bahista Ussery added.

The first day of school for Fort Worth ISD is Monday.

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