Fort Worth officer shoots man wielding BBQ fork

Police closed off an area south of Downtown Fort Worth to investigate a shooting by an officer.

It happened early Tuesday morning in the 1300 block of New York Avenue, which is near Interstate 35 and Rosedale Street.

Fort Worth Police Department spokesman Sgt. Steven Enright said an officer responded to a call about a man who was armed with a knife and banging on his neighbor's door.

The officer spotted the suspect in the street carrying something long and shiny. He ordered him to put it down.

The suspect wouldn't cooperate and so the officer, in fear for his life, shot him once in the arm, Enright said.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Enright said the object he was carrying turned out to be an 11-inch barbecue fork, not a knife.

The officer, who has been with the department for two years, has been placed on routine administrative leave.

Police said he was wearing a body camera, but did not have time to turn it on. A dash camera did record the incident.

Investigators plan to review the video. They are also gathering evidence at the scene and interviewing neighbors to learn more about what happened.