Fort Worth man gets life in prison for kidnapping ex-girlfriend

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A Fort Worth woman's ex-boyfriend will spend life in prison after he was convicted Thursday of aggravated kidnapping.

Jurors handed down the verdict Thursday morning after a day of deliberating. Christopher Revill will spend the rest of his days in prison.

Revill's ex-girlfriend, Typhenie Johnson, disappeared in 2016. She was last by her twin brother and friends at her apartment. They said she went outside to have a conversation with Revill and never came back.

Prosecutors said her cellphone cover and a sock were later found in the spot where she had been talking to Revill. Other items including a white top, a bra with the clasp closure stretched out straight and a broken FitBit watch were found at his parents' home.

Revill's attorneys tried to highlight what they call sloppy and incomplete police work. Jurors apparently did not agree.

Revill has also been implicated in the disappearance of another woman, Taalibah Islam, who has been missing since 2006.