Fort Worth elementary to play in state chess championship

A trip to the Texas State Scholastic Chess Championship is a chance of a lifetime for some Fort Worth elementary students.

The Kirkpatrick Elementary chess team has earned numerous trophies and will get to play the best in a tournament this weekend in Houston. the club has kids from 2nd grade through 5th grade.

"This is a big opportunity for them. Some of these kids have never left the city. Some have never stayed in a hotel. So it's a first time for them and their families so it is a big deal,” said Myrna Torres, Kirkpatrick 4th Grade Teacher.

The chess team was cheered by their schoolmates, who lined the halls before the team left. The team almost didn't go because of the expense, but parents insisted that the trip should happen. Parents are paying, but they're also getting a lot of help and support from teachers.

"They get home and the first thing they want to do is play chess, keeps them out of their iPad, tablets, TV,” said parent Aracely Escareno.

In chess, as with life, anyone can make a wrong move. The lesson is learning how to conquer what's ahead.

“It's not about just moving a piece just because, you have to think on the board,” said Erick Hernandez, Kirkpatrick 4th grader. “Just kind of an honor to play.”